About Us

Doomed.io game is a amazing new strategy .io game in which you have to gather resources and upgrade your levels. Gather resources and build & make yourself strong. Kill other people and be the top on the leaderboard. Use different abilities to grow and farm fast. Play Doomed.io unblocked. 

DoomedIO is a multiplayer survival game. You can gather resources and craft items. Defy the environment: Hunger – wild animals – monsters. There many different buildings and you can upgrade your skills with leveling. You can also play with friends in teams, build a fortress and fight hostile clans. Collect various resources such as stone, wood, build buildings and fight with wild animals in the new .io game Doomed io. Level up and improve your skills.

Unite in teams with friends and fight clan against the clan in multiplayer mode. Enjoy and share with your friends! The game is partially similar to strategy games Moomoo and Starve. Some hints to the game, initially you have to get 20 wood to craft a pickaxe. By pickaxe you can mine a stone. Kill animals for food, otherwise you will die. It is a world with a variety of animals that build their territories and develop. In Doomed.io, all the characters are very nice and hardworking. Everyone is fighting for his territory, to equip it, to accumulate resources for further existence. To do this, you need to work constantly, to extract minerals from different places on the game map. Here you need to collect trees, stones, water and other elements. You can also be attacked at any time by an opponent. You need to be always careful and do not trust other characters. Go to the hunt for the elements, but do not forget about your locality. You do not have to go far, because it can be defeated and all your works will be in vain.

In this multiplayer Doomedio game are different players. They can be from different countries of the world, as well as of any age category. By collecting resources and creating your own world, you will grow in the ranking of this io game. If you see your nickname in the table, then you have made a great success. The rules here are similar to ordinary life. Game controls : WASD = move, Left mouse click = attack or use item, Space = charge or jump, Shift = sneak, Q = Drop items, Q + Shift = drop IO items, R = dismantle building, E = mount or unmount weapon and turret.